DAIDAIDAI Has the Perfect Concept and the Goods for their New Album

I know we Weekendered it a while back, but it’s entirely possible that people — silly, fallible lumps of loosely organized flesh that they are — either have forgotten or are somehow not at all aware of the fact that DAIDAIDAI, one of the most unique and exciting acts in this entire scene, has an album coming out in basically no time at all now. I’ve been excited about since the day I heard about it! Imagine being aware of what this group brings and not being excited.

And so there was the move by producer-san, it seems, for DEMON TAPES decided to drop the first proper promo for the album on Valentine’s Day, and I’d have missed it completely if not for a bit of research last week. The thinking is sound, right, like of course a Sunday in the middle of winter when people are much more worried about their SOs is the best time to slide out new music that will gin up interest in your album. I am in absolutely no way being sarcastic! But anyway, this is awesome and exciting:

This is the move you make when you’re saving your pennies for a cool MV but still want to promote your record

I have to hand it to DEMON TAPES; there was always a certain subtlety to their work in idol even though it was always the hardest ( and also went hardest) electronic stuff you could find, and now they have DAIDAIDAI occupying this impossible space with music that teeters on a precipice perfectly balanced between two gorges, “perfectly enjoyable, even for grandma!” and “face-melting digital hardcore” and you’re kind of prepared for them to step just the tiniest bit too far in one direction because they laid great groundwork for the group to potentially be either of those things at any time by kind of always being the perfect combination of both. I obviously can’t speak for the album yet, but this song is pretty much that.

Also this album has the best name possible and suggests that we’re in for a truly wild ride:

Extended release, but that’s okay!