Daemon’s Final Con Spot Is about Origins

Good morning, lovely weirdos! We’ve by now seen all of the rest of Daemon’s panel from Con Nichiwa, where he surveyed the current alt-idol underground and talked up exactly why it’s so awesome.

What was missing so far was Part I, which, as you might have guessed, must include the twisted fairy godmother of them all, the original BiS.

These little primers are of course interesting in their own way — even if you know BiS and their history and influence like we do, you can dig it — and I again say that, if you get the chance to do a presentation like this, or if you can host a dance party or other get-together, or even if you can get your favorites onto some local venue’s playlist, you’re doing the Dark Lord’s work, and bless you for it.

Happy Hump Day. There’s some neat stuff going on right now, and we’ll hopefully get to take in a bunch of it.

2 thoughts on “Daemon’s Final Con Spot Is about Origins

  1. So here I am watching the video and it comes to the end of the segment and I see me in the Thanks section. Well, thank you Daemon. It is a good presentation, I am moving on to the next segment.

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