Daemon’s Con Panel Excerpts Are Tools for Winning Converts

The next time a friend, slack-jawed and possibly (probably) inebriated, tries to give you crap about being into idols, the first thing you should do is punch them in the belly for being a jerk. The second thing you should do is try to convert them!

All of these efforts that folks are up to, podcasts and DJ sessions and convention panels, are valuable tools for new people. Remember the “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!” feeling? Show folks music and video, and they’ll probably get that sense, too, if they aren’t too busy writhing around on the floor because you assaulted them, you maniac.

But after you get that hook established, you can fulfill the desire to know more by showing them certain websites, but also very helpful explainer videos!

Old friend of the site Daemon did a panel at Con Nichiwa in Tucson (first part of his video excerpts here); you can show these off to people in their moments of panic when they’re looking for “something like X”:

I’ve been told that Part I is forthcoming!

The best part of these conversions: Unlike various moments in history, you don’t even need to use additional threat of violence or torture to convince people to do the think you like, because it’s just that fun and cool!

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