Cure Is Officially Down to Two Members

File this under The Most Random News Imaginable But Maniac Wanted an Excuse to Post Cure Again.

If you’re familiar with Osaka’s Cure, you know them as a powerful duo who really don’t look the part of shred-throated, darkness-powered metal idols, but there you go. If you’ve looked into them, though, you may have noticed that they have long listed a third member who, for almost all of 2016, has been on hiatus for health reasons.

Well, she’s officially out.

Sayonara, Idol I Only Vaguely Knew by Name. And now Cure will continue to go on doing what they do, which is this:

Happy Hump Day.

One thought on “Cure Is Officially Down to Two Members

  1. This is a bit odd because from what I knew about Cure I thought there was only two members. I always see Kokeshi-chan’s super kawaii pics on my Twitter feed. Looks like this third member’s Twitter page is gone already. Still managed to pull up some of her photos through Google search though so I can at least put a face to it.

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