Cure Is No Longer the Most Intense Duo in Idol

As of yesterday’s Cure Fes, they’re the most intense quintet in idol:

Didn’t see five coming!

Here are the new members:

I love this. You don’t dramatically increase your roster if you don’t have plans. And friends, it looks like Cure’s got some plans for 2017:

So we have them until at least July! That Cure vs. Cure show, something will happen there, probably. Probably. I dunno. Idol gets confusing sometimes.

Here’s the new Cure in action:

Set list, with new song:

UPDATE: And that new song, live!

Thanks, Luis!

I think you’re due to put out a physical release that we can all get angry about because we can’t order it directly, Cure.

One thought on “Cure Is No Longer the Most Intense Duo in Idol

  1. Yay. even though they could handle it, Misa and Kokesi could use some backup.

    New uniforms. Awesome.

    A year ago they were four, It’s a Boxing Day miracle.

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