Could I Interest You in New DISDOL Live Video?

It’s time for our roughly quarterly bit of Dissenter Dolls news! The last we heard from DISDOL, Natsumi was leaving for a solo career (that so far seems to be mostly modeling, but it is early), Airi was taking over as leader and they were inexorably crawling toward a one-man. Today, the one-man is still only on the horizon, Natsumi is still featured in the group’s promo art and Airi is less so, but they did manage to give us some newly cut live video for “chessman”!

Can we just talk about the clarity of this video for a second? I hate to say things like “makes me feel like I’m there!” but I can pretty much smell Kyouko through this (verdict: needs to wash her outfit). Yeah, it’s kind of a pro-shot, but it does make me wonder when more producers and managers are going to realize that a DSLR and some editing software can save you a ton of money in the end.

I love DISDOL’s music. It isn’t elegant or refined or any of that useless stuff in the least bit — it’s dirrrty old club rock and metal from the Sunset Strip. They’re the soundtrack to people getting naked, possibly together, probably after a few hours’ worth of drinking and/or recreational drugs.

Not that I know anything about any of that