Corenament Week 2: Aftermath, and Our Final Four

Well, friends, despite some hiccups, we got here; the first two weeks of the Corenament are in the books, and we’re down to our Final Four. Just like in real life! And while we didn’t quite have the drama of UNC-Kentucky, we did have … well, idol-level drama. It all seems to have worked out, though, because now we’re just doing triple-digit voting for everybody. May the most dedicated bunch of bots and shut-ins win!

I kid, really. I’ve seen folks talking about X’s fans in Y country getting on board; I’ve seen the shares on Facebook and Twitter myself. The site randomly got some pings from what I think is a Chinese blog? Basically, while last year’s Corenament became the Kamen Joshi show because people like Kamiya Erina asked their followers to vote, this thing grew legs and went some places. Neato!

And now here we are, with a Final Four that I don’t think too many people would complain about. Go look at the Elite Eight results if you want; most of the surprising names therein have been purged on the strength of PURE IDOLCORE POWER. And also Babymetal.

What’s next?

Shinjuku Region

Winner: Guso Drop

The #1 overall seed held serve, as expected, and even some potential challenges along the way couldn’t match up with Guso Drop’s sense of destiny. It’s quite a change, too, as they narrowly missed qualifying for last year’s Corenament, and now they have a chance to take home the chintzy HTML bling that could be their reward. They got here without more than nominal challenges, though; the next best shot that comes their way could be the one that ends them.

Nagoya Region


This region looked like a walk for the Darkness Girls, and while they didn’t completely coast, they made it out alive-undead-whatever have you. The regional final against Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s leader started off with some drama, but Necroma pulled away and held their opponent at arm’s length to the final whistle. Uniquely among the Final Four, they got here almost entirely by beating individuals, rather than groups; in an all-group final in Akiba, do they have the power and endurance to go toe-to-toe with other heavies?

Harajuku Region

Winner: Babymetal

The queens of the heap looked vulnerable through the first two rounds, then kicked it into high gear during the regional semis and whipped the ever-living shit out of serious challengers Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da and Pikarin, either of whom could have been here instead but for Babymetal’s ungodly strong home-court advantage and unnervingly rabid fan support. They have to be the odds-on favorites now, but momentum is a funny thing, as is the possibility of some fans’ loyalties becoming divided …

Osaka Region


Every regional #1 seed made it to the Corenament’s Final Four, but one; Osaka’s own PassCode’s stunning loss to Bucho in the second round was just one of the many upsets that littered this region. As for FRUITPOCHETTE, the jury is out on whether their strength is coming from Shiori’s veteranosity or Kyuri’s lack of understanding that it’s not supposed to work this way, but a #13 has reached the Final Four just like last year, and this Cinderella ain’t interested in glass slippers.

The all-idol semifinal will be held Friday and Saturday of this week, with the winners advancing to the one-day title match on Monday, April 3.

But Maniac, What about the Bracket Challenge?

Glad you asked! We had quite a few entries, I’m delighted to say, and the current top five look like this:

  1. Sander: 67 pts
  2. syneronline: 67 pts
  3. xaneg: 62 pts
  4. Ian: 57 pts
  5. isuxors: 57 pts
  6. Alonso: 51 pts

Everybody else who filled out all four regions is bunched together in the 40s. I’m going to beef up the available point totals for the final two rounds just to keep things interesting, and because there’s a chance of a tie at the top, I’m going to institute some kind of tiebreaker. No, there’s still no prize other than bragging rights, but JUST IMAGINE HOW SPECIAL YOU’LL FEEL IF YOU WIN!

Anyway! The Final Four bracket challenge will come out on Friday when the voting opens. Best of luck to everybody!

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