Corenament Conference Tournaments, Day 5 Part 2

This is the final major day of Championship Week, you guys! A few big tournaments will be decided tomorrow, but the picture of who’s in and who’s out of the Corenament is really starting to take shape. Let’s take a look:

Yajima Mai
Babyraids JAPAN
Kakizaki Risaki
Ophelia 20mg
Attain Music
Billie Idle
Pour Lui
Tanio Sakurako
Kamen Joshi (defending champion)
POP iD Café
Gokigen Teikoku
Mad Magazine
Hoshina Fumimi

Bold are regular season conference winners

You know what’s interesting? So far, not a single regular season champion has doubled up, which means that we’ll have fewer at-large bids available for some of the heavyweights who’ve fallen so far. And you think, Maniac, that’s going to make for a crappy Corenament. But is it? For instance, Avandoned is letting in Dots; Pour Lui made way for Chitti. And there may yet be some repeat champions! But for now, we’re looking at a very deep and very diverse field, with many of the surprising regular season champs getting crappy seeds because they never mustered the votes to stand out.

Fun! And watch out for some curveballs coming up; if George Mason could advance all the way to the Final Four in 2006 as a #11 seed, just imagine what could happen with the likes of Su-metal and First Summer Uika potentially lurking in the back of the pack.

And now for today’s matchups, split in half for what I hope is the last time (here’s part 1):







16 thoughts on “Corenament Conference Tournaments, Day 5 Part 2

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        • Yeah, editing up another piece, and the little comment doodad glows orange when someone leaves a note. 🙂 That conference turned out to be a lot more serious than I imagined, and I’m kind of wishing now that I’d split it in half. The Bunnies might not get in now even though they were almost the winners last time out.

  2. Toughest call today was PassCode vs BiSH! Yuna is the most intimidating of the lot, which had to sway my vote in this impossible choice!

  3. Is it just me or are there some shenanigans going on with BABYMETAL, YUI-METAL and possibly Guso Drop?

    • I can actually confirm the origins on those, and they’re legit. I wish they weren’t single-issue voters, but there’s nothing underhanded going on like the little destroyer run the other day.

      • Babymetal fans ignoring the entire point of the vote and simply voting for Babymetal is an important tradition for online polls. It’s what wins them “Best Metal Band” awards every 6 weeks 😛

          • This is Motortrend magazine, back with the results of our reader poll. We asked you to vote for the most iconic American muscle car!
            7% voted for Camaro
            18% voted for Mustang
            75% wrote in votes for Su-Metal from Babymetal

  4. Man, I’m regretting not taking Yui down last night. I thought hard about switching my vote from Yui to Yua, but didn’t pull the trigger on it, big mistake on my part. At least the Corenament hasn’t shown up on the BABYMETAL reddit yet.

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