Corenament Conference Tournaments, Day 3 Part 1

Day 3 of Championship Week is upon us, friends, and I’m going to take a quick second to gripe: Some jackwagon went and dumped a bunch of spoiler votes into a few of yesterday’s contests. Fortunately, based on experience, I’d been keeping regular check-in records on the respective matches, so I have a pretty solid idea of what happened where and when. I’m not reversing any decisions, but the legitimately spoiled will be getting some extra attention when the Committee* meets to discuss the final bracket.

But wow! You guys are really great! There was a ton of voting yesterday, and you’re just getting warmed up at this point, because this is the peakiest day of the entire process. It took so long to put these doofy polls together! I hope you dig it.

So without further ado, go here if you’re confused, go here for Day 1’s results and here for a look at yesterday’s. Tickets to the Dance will start to get punched as of today, too, so it’s going to be fun to watch the field come together.


Actually, in case you need it, look at these first:

  • This thing took forever and a day to load on my awesome work computer, so I split it in half; first half below, second half here
  • When selecting between idols/groups, for this week only, simply consider which you like better; if you feel like you need a criterion, make it who would you be more afraid to face in a fight?
  • The total votes cast per idol/group over the course of their conference tournament will be determining who moves on to the Big Dance AND their seeding
  • So, vote for who you support and don’t vote if you don’t care
  • The official tiebreaker for this week will be page views per post on topic for each idol/group in contention
  • Each round of each of these conference tournaments will last for one day; voting for each round ends at midnight EST

Okay, now go vote.









*Guess how many people are on the Committee. Go ahead.

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