Corenament Conference Tournaments, Day 3 Part 2

This is the second half of Championship Week Day 3’s tourney play; the first half was eating every ounce of browser memory that it could. Come here after you’ve done Part 1, or do this first and then go there, I ain’t care.

The guidelines, if you need ’em:

  • When selecting between idols/groups, for this week only, simply consider which you like better; if you feel like you need a criterion, make it who would you be more afraid to face in a fight?
  • The total votes cast per idol/group over the course of their conference tournament will be determining who moves on to the Big Dance AND their seeding
  • So, vote for who you support and don’t vote if you don’t care
  • The official tiebreaker for this week will be page views per post on topic for each idol/group in contention
  • Each round of each of these conference tournaments will last for one day; voting for each round ends at midnight EST



I screwed up here and accidentally had Mashiro in instead of Manatsu. It’s fixed, but some votes were previously cast; I kept a count that I can discard or reassign accordingly if the result is particularly close






8 thoughts on “Corenament Conference Tournaments, Day 3 Part 2

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  2. These corenaments always remind me of how few of these people I actually know and recognize. In those cases, I’ll admit I voted for the ones who looked meaner. Fingerless gloves, y’know. I did exactly what their costume designers wanted me to.
    Also I know this is all in the name of fun, but anyone who voted against Up Up Girls and specifically anyone who isn’t legit afraid of Mori Saki hasn’t done their damn research and I just hope your hubris doesn’t get you in big trouble some day. Got me so heated.
    Looking forward to the next round. I’ll light a candle for the memory of whoever Pikarin obliterated today.

  3. I think I figured out the secret to Chitti’s success so far, that new header picture on her twitter account. She looks fierce and I feel pity for that bouncer.

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