Corenament Conference Tournaments, Day 2

Day 2 is upon us, muchachos, and it’s just like I warned you — there are like 80 different matchups to determine, and tomorrow’s going to be even worse better! We have at least passed the halfway mark in terms of introducing conferences, and you’ll see that there are some heavyweights starting to square off. Exciting!

If you’re new to the Corenament and don’t know what’s happening right now, start here. Otherwise, the basic guidelines for Championship Week pertain:

  • When selecting between idols/groups, for this week only, simply consider which you like better; if you feel like you need a criterion, make it who would you be more afraid to face in a fight?
  • The total votes cast per idol/group over the course of their conference tournament will be determining who moves on to the Big Dance
  • So, vote for who you support and don’t vote if you don’t care
  • The official tiebreaker for this week will be page views per post on topic for each idol/group in contention
  • Each round of each of these conference tournaments will last for one day; voting for each round ends at midnight EST; you can check Day 1 results here











13 thoughts on “Corenament Conference Tournaments, Day 2

  1. Much harsher choices than the first day! It will only get worse in the coming days~ Looking forward to it.

  2. There is still time left but I’m not sure which is the more shocking result right now.
    Chitti over SU-METAL, Megumi over First Summer or Manatsu over Mashiro.
    I gave my vote to Chitti just because I figured SU would run away with it and Chitti would need all the votes she could get to have any shot at the Big Dance, I might just have to wait till 11:58 EST and do a vote switch. I went First Summer and Mashiro on the other two so not much I can do there.

  3. I am super surprised (and slightly upset!) That MBG lost to Avandonned and Gang Parade lost to ICS

  4. I expect the Babymetal illuminati to get Su-Metal an at large bid. Otherwise I shall be very cross.

  5. Talk about great talent being eliminated today! Hanako-san, Su-Metal, Maina, First Summer Uika, Mashiro, ALL OUT!!! Not to mention Maison Book Girl & Gang Parade.

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