Corenament Conference Tournaments, Day 1

Welcome to Championship Week! Yes, friends, this is the real unofficial opening of the Corenament, as each of the 19 conferences go into playoff mode to determine who, if anybody, in addition to their regular season champs will advance to the big cheese itself, the 2017 Homicidols Corenament.

The schedule starts us off with a nice, digestible entry, with two play-ins and three true first rounds; things will be insane by mid-week, so just bear with it. The drama will make it worth it!

Before sending you after the polls, some quick programming notes:

  • When selecting between idols/groups, for this week only, simply consider which you like better; if you feel like you need a criterion, make it who would you be more afraid to face in a fight?
  • The total votes cast per idol/group over the course of their conference tournament will be determining who moves on to the Big Dance
  • So, vote for who you support and don’t vote if you don’t care
  • The official tiebreaker for this week will be page views per post on topic for each idol/group in contention
  • Each round of each of these conference tournaments will last for one day; voting for each round ends at midnight EST


9 thoughts on “Corenament Conference Tournaments, Day 1

    • How have your results been?

      FWIW, this is like the equivalent of the pre-knockout stages of the Europa, like having Belarus’s runner-up taking on the champion from Albania.

  1. With all the groundbreaking success of Babymetal and The Kamen Joshi, it’s good to see some of these lower tier groups getting some attention.

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  3. Oh man, how did Shiori lose this one? She’s a great singer, hyper-energetic dancer and frickin’ adorable.

    As for being able to win in a fight, have you seen her shoulders? I just want to hand the girl a dane axe and see what happens…

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