Come Watch This JUNKIE’S Junk

You may or may not be aware that there’s this band, right, that’s a bunch of young women with bags over their heads who are supposedly related to Guso Drop in some way. SO MYSTERIOUS! But JUNKIE’S, yeah, to say that morbid curiosity alone could compel one to want to get a look, that’d be one of those understatement things.

They are not good at those instruments!

You know me. I’m Maniac! I like to occasionally have highfalutin things to say about idols and idol culture and stuff. And I’ll admit to having this itchy finger that wants to get into high-art concepts of inverting tropes and the obliteration of identity in an identity-obsessed world, and celebrating a full-on deconstruction of all things idol. But I’m not going to write that because I’m pretty sure this is mostly for the funnies.

You can check out Actual Guso Drop’s set, too:

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