Come Watch the Up Up Girls Auditions

Well, this is something that we’ve been neglecting to post about ever since Up Up Girls (Kari) got added to the Homicidols roster. Luckily, Maniac just gave admin rights to someone who as you may have guessed from the Friday Funday posts, is also a Hello! Project fan, and that includes groups made up of ex-trainees from their kenshuusei (known as Egg at the time) program, and what do you know, something big is happening that said admin has completely forgotten to update you on since it was announced! My bad.

At their crowdfunded Budokan show last year, Up Up Girls surprised quite a lot of fans by announcing their intention to hold auditions for new members. After all, they’re already a pretty decent sized group, and not a single member has graduated or withdrawn ever since their formation in 2011. Are these auditions signalling the first graduation? Are they planning to be just one enormous EDM group? Theories in the comments, please!

But on to the main topic, UUG have kind of pulled a BiS and have been livestreaming the auditions for the past couple of weeks. This seems to be a weekly thing rather than just doing it all in one go so at least you won’t have to devote three days of your life to seeing if your favourite makes it. A new hour-long cast, perhaps the final, will be airing at 21:00 Japan time today, so go ahead and give it a watch.

If you missed last week’s stream, it’s been added to their YouTube so you can keep yourself up to scratch in preparation for later today. Enjoy!

I like the girl with the balloon animals.

[Maniac: Now that Kerrie has admin privileges … I’m so sorry]

2 thoughts on “Come Watch the Up Up Girls Auditions

  1. Auditions are for a sister group, I believe.
    Hopefully the English-capable one gets in, for the Idol word spreading purposes.

  2. I’d be tempted to join the UUG or a related group for the simple reason that it’s probably the best personal training regimen on the planet. There’s not even any question why Mori wins that arm-wrestling tourney, her and the rest of the members look like Olympic-level athletes….

    Also, I’m all for Kerrie with admin privileges! Bring it!!!!!!!!

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