Come Together: An Idorock Stable Takes Shape

Pure Idol Heart, who’s great to chat with about idol stuff at all hours, has been tipping me off on lots of new stuff lately, but this is one that genuinely has me excited.

First up: Candy GO!GO! Like, the living embodiments of idorock. Their last single was a lot of fun, their major debut is coming out at the end of the year, and they’re just out there doing like they always do, which is put on swaggy stage shows and dominate Twitter. Candy GO!GO! is managed by One-to-One Agency, and that name used to make a lot of sense because, to my knowledge, they only had themselves one client (being Candy GO!GO!).

Not anymore! And if you’re reading this on the home page, please allow me to clickbait you by saying and you won’t believe who they’ve signed (but you’ll probably be happy for who it was):

It’s Tears! Who the heck is tears! This is Tears:

They’re new. Like last-week new. But the members aren’t. Not all of them, at least. No, if you were familiar with a sort of light-idorock unit called Libre Ailes that actually sneaked onto this site once upon a time, you may already be following a member or two on Twitter. Libre Ailes was fine; not particularly fiery or heavy, but nobody would be mad at you for liking them. It looks like Tears was formed from at least their wreckage, if not from the group straight-up in a not-rare re-brand.

But why was Libre Ailes on here? Because they were the sister group of the widely liked Under Beasty — that is, the Under Beasty that spent a good year growing up quickly despite being a total FUBU project, writing their own music and choreographing their own routines and genuinely being good, clean old-school heavy metal fun.

You are not a dumb person and have probably already figured out where this is going: Yep, Under Beasty is on One-to-One now, too. This makes me very happy for them.
Here’s the One-to-One website, now that I don’t have to be kind of coy about the whole thing.

They’re having a big joint show at the end of the month, and I bet it’s going to be pretty cool. That’s a lot of idorock in one place!

Also, those UB outfits are boss.

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  1. I’m fairly sure this isn’t recent, Under Beasty and Candy Go Go has been with the same management for a long time – they also often perform together.

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