Come Listen to C-Style

There’s this subset of idol groups that I don’t so much follow as I do try to maintain a general awareness of, and at that almost entirely just because of deep-set personal loyalties going back to when I was first digging in. Some of them are fairly active; some of them are only active in the sense that they haven’t been officially disbanded yet. And then there are the groups that are actually extremely active but are idols in the very traditional sense, not musically or behaviorally, but in the sense that their activities are localized and/or community-focused, such that putting out records is less the point than being at lots of events and doing tons of gigs and slapping their fans in the face.

Yes, of course then I refer to C-Style! These gumby-spined veterans of the loudol scene are always a joy to come across in so far as a person who isn’t at their many gigs truly can come across them. Every so often, sometimes to promote a release and sometimes just because they had the money and felt like it, they release some video that makes their discography a little bit more accessible, and it’s usually a pretty good time. That’s what they did the other day, and I’m happy to get a chance to share it:

That’s a fun tune! Now tell me: What the heck is going on with this “first album” business? The group’s website is extremely unhelpful in that regard, and I feel like I could scroll through their Twitter feed for days before finding anything useful about said album. Which, according to my Googling, could be referring to something from as long ago as 2014, except that the release in question doesn’t have this song on it. Anything from the last time that I got to post about C-Style, from almost literally a year ago today? No? Wild. It’s Schroedinger’s Idol Album!

Anyway. Good times, and for real, if this is an entry point into the world of C-Style for you, be prepared for some truly wild stuff.