Come Jam to Kinopo’s Traffic Jam

Esteemed scholars, Kinopo, at the idol institute of music video studies have finally given us an answer to a question plaguing many a commuter:

Who’s to blame for this traffic jam?

Really, that’s the chorus to “Juutai.” And what a chorus too, just like Kinopo themselves, their latest music video is oh so eclectic and fun. If this is your first time experiencing the group, you’ll be happy to know that all of their music videos are just bursting with creativity. They’re an AV nerd’s dream.

…Audio/Video, not the other kind of AV.

As a group their work really does speak for itself, both the members and team behind them radiate passion. We could gush about them all day but hey, we’ll just keep it at “go and listen to their songs!” They just announced their second full album, so why not go listen to the first and hype yourself up for the idol indie rock darlings who are taking the scene by storm?

Kinopo’s new album “Living Dead” is out May 25th, and if “Juutai” is anything to go by, we’re already living for it honey.