Chip Chop! – Nerun Poku Poku’s adventures with blades and potatoes

It’s a busy time for You’ll Melt More!‘s Nerun.  Fresh from releasing a new mini-album and MV with the rest of the group, she has seemingly undergone successful separation surgery from her conjoined twin Nani, with whom she was formerly fused at the kawaii, and has now launched a solo project – Nerun Poku Poku – with three simultaneous singles.

What’s a Poku?  According to Wikipedia, he is a midfielder for Peterborough United, though he doesn’t get a mention in any of the new songs.  The first song,  Anata no Katana, features our heroine waving a sword around in a worrying manner and telling us lots of things that the sword is not.  It’s not a shelf, you dummy!

Best bit:

Secondly we have Jaga Jaga Jagaimo in which she quite simply raves about potatoes.  Well, they are my favourite vegetable too.

The fans went wild in the YouTube comments:

Finally, Nerun is allowed to wield a bladed instrument again but is restricted to a pair of scissors.  She proceeds to destroy a wig with them.

All three singles are out now on your favourite digital platform and we look forward to more of this, please!