Chiaki Once Again Proves Herself to Be a Completely Different Level

Well the last week and change sure did load up my personal responsibility queue here at Homicidols Dot Com, friends! This is fraught territory — since when* do I have time for this much posting? — but I’m going to do my best. Address it piecemeal.

In this case, let’s take on what’s simply one of the very best things in a year short of things that are merely good. The unstoppable force that is Mayumura Chiaki, an artist whose work is both appreciated by all with taste and just often enough deigns to cross into prime Homicidols territory, has a new song with a new MV. The song is lovely and I encourage you to listen to it a lot; to do so, you should watch this MV, which … you’d think such a thing would be simple to do, until you realize everything in and behind it, and you realize that there’s a deep creative intelligence at play and all you can do is clap politely and blog some posts on the Internet about it:

This is wonderful. It’s also perfect Sunday material! Hardly typical Homicidols fare, but definitely Chiaki Fan fare, and who among us isn’t a Chiaki fan? Exactly.

It’s also a great reminder that it’s literally almost November already, and that we’ll be kick-starting the Best Of process in fairly short order. It’s a great reminder of that because I have my new favorite for Video of the Year and will be extremely unhappy with you people if it doesn’t take home the bacon in the fan voting!** Perhaps you prefer another Chiaki joint; though the actual subject of this post is by far the superior song, your desire to support other Chiaki content is fine, just give this fantastic creative an award with the heartbleed on it so then maybe she’ll say something nice about it online.

*The summer of 2018, apparently
**Yes I spent half the year out of touch with idol things; no that doesn’t invalidate my opinion at all!