Checkmate’s Newest Is Just Stupid Heavy

Holy moley, you guys, if you haven’t had a chance to hear the latest (live!) number from Checkmate, you need to take a few minutes right now and —


I know there’s been some chatter about Checkmate lately, and I’ve just kind of shrugged at it — yeah, their debut was plenty interesting (and brutal!), but I’ve gotten a little jaded about idol debuts (in honor of the very funny trolling of U.S. sportswriter Bill Simmons going on right now, I think I’ll call it the HATEGLEAM Theory: Odds are good that the best thing you do is your debut, and then you just fade away).

But this, this is good. This is what forward momentum looks like. Musically, I’m thinking of DISDOL if they’d ever really invested in harsh vocals (seriously, who is that girl, and why isn’t she hanging out with me?), and also even heavier. Kind of the same, too, looking at that stage and the crowd, it’s taking me back to when Bell Agency’s big project was rolling out new material pretty consistently, and it was good new material, and I thought that somebody had really cracked the code of doing idol and metal in almost equal measure.

I think I may like this even better. Good gods.

Happy Sunday. Even better is coming!

5 thoughts on “Checkmate’s Newest Is Just Stupid Heavy

  1. Met the Checkmate girls after the Passcode show in Tokyo over Xmas. They are really awesome people in addition to being heavy as hell. Seriously keeping them on my radar expecting to see more awesome stuff in the future.

  2. I will never understand how people can tolerate such bad singing. At least have the decency to add some pre-recorded backing vocals. This is just pure trash. The music is alright though.

    • If you call this bad you obviously don’t listen to idol enough at least not in a live setting, nice try tho “anon”

    • I think they sing good still. They also growl without affecting their voices when they sing clean vocals. The audio in the video isn’t best either. I rather want idols to perform without backing tracks. I don’t think Checkmate isn’t supposed to be a super polished idol group. It’s mayhem on stage. One could instead question whats wrong with the audience. Where is the mosh pit?

      It should be raw live 🙂

      Not that Checkmate is trash…but sometimes trash is pure gold as well 🙂

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