Check out This New Rocker from DAIDAIDAI

I’ll confess to having been on the nervous side when it came to just how active a debut we’d get out of DAIDAIDAI; the world is littered with idols who announce a debut, release some stuff, have that debut … and then just kind of blend into the background without doing anything noteworthy.

Thank goodness for DAIDAIDAI, then.

Can somebody translate that title? It’s coming out as like “Koenig Kenichi” or something similar.

Building on what we’ve already heard from them, and seeing as how they’re not only an active part of the Osaka scene but getting into those performance circuits with other notables (and thereby connecting with the right audiences), I think DAIDAIDAI’s first few months are going just swimmingly.

Let’s hope that this is building to at least an EP release, so then I can buy their stuff and be all smug about it.

6 thoughts on “Check out This New Rocker from DAIDAIDAI

  1. Well, König is German for king, so there is that.

    I don’t know what König Kenich is.

    It is possible that it is actaully König König. There is one part in the song that goes: ケーニッヒケーニッヒケーニッヒ (König König König)

    That is about the best I can do.

  2. I think John may be right or close with it being something like “König König”. The pronunciation for König in Japanese is “kē-ni-hhi” and in romaji the title would be written as “Kenihhi Kenihhi”. Other than König meaning king in German it’s also a surname so it could even mean “King König” maybe as a play on words for “King Kong” perhaps? Tried looking for clues in the lyrics but nothing really alludes to a meaning.

    • I tried looking through the lyrics and really couldn’t get much out of them either. There does not seem to be anything that ties it all together. But, then again that could be my very, very basic Japanese. My German is far better, lol, at least I took that in school.

  3. I ended up really liking the other daidaidai songs i have heard studio versions but this… I have been replaying it over and over waiting for something to click but it’s not happening.

    I mean it’s still decent but it’s not up to the standards of the other songs or the groups predecessor.

    • You know, you aren’t wrong. While this is more directly idol than anything Yuki had done (to my knowledge), I also goes to show how singular Psybou Kanojo really was. I still miss it.

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