Check out This New PIIIIIIIN MV

Man, it’s been a while since the last time we got to check in on PIIIIIIIN, and it was literally just dumb luck that I saw this video hit Twitter this morning:

That’s “容赦なく逃げてった未来” (“Future Fled Mercilessly” or something?), and I’m happy to have it. It sounds a lot like a PIIIIIIIN song! Or, more accurately, like a PIIIIIIIN song from SCRAMBLES — just compare to this and tell me I’m crazy.

PIIIIIII is actually in a little bit of transition, if I’m reading them right. They have a big one-man at Zepp DiverCity at the end of the year, and are currently auditioning for new members. All in all, I consider that a good thing, but who’s graduating?

2 thoughts on “Check out This New PIIIIIIIN MV

  1. You didn’t hear from Hara Ayano (blue member) graduating in September? She is now starting a solo career, with acoustic guitar and her own songs.
    (This development was foreseeable, as she already wrote PiiiiiiiN’s fiest single “Kaien Dash”)

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