Check out This Little Rocker from Full Power Girls R

One of my favorite things about doing this site the way that I do is that, by using the general conceit of “idols who either do rock kinds of music and/or may be a danger to themselves and others,” I can cast a pretty wide net and find interesting music in some of the safest of places; one of my favorite things about idols that I never shut up about is how incredibly flexible the performance style is — if involves singing and can (arguably) include dancing, idols will do it.

On the overall more traditional side of the coin is Full Power Girls R, who I’ll admit to never being able to get a good handle on: I dig their sound, and they’ve done TIF and whatnot, but where are they on the overall idol spectrum of popularity hierarchies? And does it matter? I guess not.

Pure Idol Heart stuck this number into my MTs yesterday, and I’m totally down with it:

I’m feeling a distinctly 1984-on-MTV vibe from the video, and the song is of course a) fun and b) all over the place, as one would expect, because that’s apparently just how we do anymore.

Here’s a whole live while we’re at it:

Happy Friday.