Check out This FRUITPOCHETTE Interview — Kind of in English!

Will pinged this over on Friday, and I just had to give it a look based on the mere promise of the original description, and I was not displeased.

I’m actually uncertain as to whether this is a TV or radio performance in the end, or both!, but what’s important is that FRUITPOCHETTE got their rock on like very few can, then got into an interview segment that includes a bit of English:

Will has the breakdown of when to pay attention:

Okay, so the interview isn’t quite “in English,” but the context is great. They sound great. Please continue to rock my stupid face off, FRUITPOCHETTE.

3 thoughts on “Check out This FRUITPOCHETTE Interview — Kind of in English!

  1. OK, so it wasn’t technically in English but it’s really awkward to say ‘did a short interview via an English translator’. Plus twitter character limits said no.

    Other highlights I didn’t have space for are 1:13 (when they perform Akatsuki -Crisis-,1:33 (when they perform 泡沫-Vanish-) and 1:28 when Kyuri has a shoving match with the SKE girl.

    For extra fun, watch the SKE girl in the background while they’re singing, who clearly has not a clue what to do while watching them.

  2. The English section is hilarious to watch, considering Zuma dreads English! When the Berryz girl comes out you can hear her (Zuma) in the background doing the equivalent of “Oh no, oh god, really?!”, when they are talking about the baths in Ehime after the translation she says “The only thing I understood was ‘mountain'”, and when she was told she didn’t have to do her final announcements in English the look of relief on her face was priceless! XD

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