Check out These Videos from Kamen Joshi’s SSA Show

As alluded to in the Homicidol 25, the Mask Girls took over Saitama Super Arena last November for … well, the only other time that metal idols ever performed there, to my knowledge.

I invite our resident Alice Project contingent to add commentary and context for these videos:

This one’s “Soul.” I know that one!

Good friend of the ol’ site Tara44DD dropped these into the comments the other day, but I wanted to give them their own space, especially for the large numbers of people who’ve been arriving via Babymetal things lately and aren’t getting good opportunities to see that, back in Japan, there’s a very vibrant market developing for heavy idols, and here’s Kamen Joshi putting on an enormous arena show of their own.

Basically, all of *this* stuff has only been happening for a shade over five years; there have been some genre mashups in the past, animetal, etc., but only since 2010 have idols been deliberately adopting metal and punk and hardcore and various combinations and inclusions thereof as a thing. Put against a typical-looking rock music chronology, we haven’t even reached Elvis yet (does that make Pour Lui Rosetta Tharpe?).

Basically, if you think good things are happening now, just wait until some of these projects fully mature and more young women who love loud, intense, rebellious music decide to get involved.

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  1. Not much to add, the show drew 15,000 fans and the DVD released April 20th debuted at #5 on the Oricon chart, one slot behind One OK Rock, and four slots ahead of Morning Musume. It’s apparent that they are leading the underground and also elbowing their way into more mainstream appeal. Our site friend, Mr Jaxson, is on the ground as we speak and informs us that the DVD is still selling like crazy and images of Mask Girls are everywhere. He also said that upon arriving, wearing one of their shirts of course,many people approached him, curious about how he knew of them. They may not have the worldwide notoriety of Babymetal just yet, but in Japan, it seems that they are very well known and loved by many. If that translates to a broader Western audience is yet to be seen. If I were to bet money on who has the biggest opportunity to expand, I would bet on them, mainly because they couldn’t be labeled as “another Babymetal copycat”. Since they started around the same time as Babymetal and were already creating their own brand before Babaymetal exploded, a comparison of the two isn’t really applicable, an easier comparison would be a cranked up version of AKB48.

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