Check out These Two New Songs from Bellring Girls Heart

I’m sorry, gang, because I was going to try to record the Babel show’s Niconico stream this morning, but I’m still fighting whatever goofy bug crawled up in me and died, and waking up in time to get that recording going just wasn’t in the cards — hopefully, another enterprising person who’s fewer hours away from Japan took care of it. However, I am still pleased to be showing you some new material from the soon-to-go-dormant-and-oh-crap Bellring Girls Heart.

Via Viz Major (I told you this was going to be a common well today) in the Idolmetal group comes …

“Beady Riot”

And “Communication Countdown”

Those are some good songs! I reckon that they’re going to be on the Spine EP that’s going to effectively close the door on this era of Bellheart and, when the activities suspension ends at some point in 2017, serve as the reference point for where the group may be going.

7 thoughts on “Check out These Two New Songs from Bellring Girls Heart

  1. We’ll have basically 4 brand new idol groups to follow, thanks to this Bellring lineup! (We’re sure nobody’s retiring from the biz, right? Nobody’s Moechi-ing into the working week?)
    On the other hand, can we get 3 or 4 alt-idol units to combine into a supergroup so it’s easier to keep track of everybody’s activities? OYSM48? ZK48?

  2. Eulogy: What can be said about BRGH to explain this adventure- they are about as Japanese as it gets- dark and sinister with that key innocent/comical overtone. From the moment Darling started ringing in my head, I was hooked. I have obsessively collected anything my wallet could get its hands on. When they held the audition to add 3 new members I was skeptical this group would have the spirit of previous incarnations, nothing could have prepared me for the release of Beyond. With the miscast Anna out of the way, BRGH put out how I can only describe as “If the Sgt. Pepper era Beatles were a JPOP group trying to write Pink Floyds The Wall, it would be Beyond”

    If I thought in my wildest dreams that would be where this story ended I would have needed more Nyquil- BRGH embraced this sound and did something no other version has dome to date, they came together and became a cohesive unit, a stage powerhouse that could stand toe to toe with any indie Idol group-

    While I still stalk TIRA on Twitter (she will be mine <3) I am glad I got to watch Mizuho step from the background and lead this group to the success they became. No matter what happens next, BRGH is now legend.

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