Check out Gokigen Teikoku’s Important Notice

Remember when Gekijo-ban was doing that thing with 100 fans so they could make an MV? I definitely did not understand what that was about, but no worries, the actual end product is upon us.

Feast your eyes upon the smart-trolly-ly titled “Important Notice”!

s/o to the dude in the DISDOL shirt

Watch it all the way to the end to understand all the hows and whys of the thing, especially if you don’t follow Gekijo-ban closely; this is a really nice way to send off a friend.

And in the event that you didn’t listen to me the last time, you really do need to follow their YouTube channel. It might be the only place in the world where you can watch idols get drunk and horse around (sometimes literally)!.

2 thoughts on “Check out Gokigen Teikoku’s Important Notice

  1. I have been subscribed to their channel since its inception. It is the funnest channel for a music group put their. New stuff everyday, never a dull moment,

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