Check out DISDOL’s New Single A-side

Happy Thursday! And happy Hurtsday! This is usually a spot for celebrating the loud and gnarly on the homi side of idol, and there are some good go-tos out there — Guso Drop, PassCode, (until recently) FRUITPOCHETTE. And, traditionally, DISDOL, who’ve been bringing your idol-inflected old-school “heavy metal” into the scene for a couple of years now. Coming up to speed, after some membership shuffling and leadership changes, they don’t quite look the same, and, as Terry shared in the group yesterday, they don’t quite sound the same anymore, either:

Revolution in the Brain!

This is actually the A-side (or like A1 or something) from DISDOL’s most recent single; we knew “Like a Bird” from a little while ago. It definitely points to a change in direction for one of the underground’s loudest idol projects; not anti-loud, but not loud-loud, either. And it might just be a thing for this release, even. Like I’d said before, just compare this to “VICTORIA”.