Check In: Yukueshirezutsurezure’s Canadian Tour

All right, team, as we know (and eagerly await!), the Idol Known in English as Not Secured, Loose Ends will be in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver in just a few weeks, and I know that more than a few of us are going to be attending at least one of those Next Music from Tokyo shows.

So! Let’s try to get a little organized. Who’s going to which shows? Who’s local vs. who’s traveling in? Where are people staying? How many chekis are you going to buy? Who speaks Japanese and wants to help out during buppan? Hell, do we want to go so far as to coordinate a gift?

I created this thread in the forums wherein we can answer those questions about ourselves, respond to the queries of others and just coordinate in general. It probably won’t come off half as well as I’m envisioning, and that’s okay. I just figure, if there’s a chance that we can add a little extra to the whole experience for ourselves and the group, then we’ve done a good thing.

Also, while I have you: Remember to join their international fan club, which does in fact come with exclusive live video so far, plus English-language information (a godsend for people like me), and is a great way to demonstrate support for NSLE and, potentially, big sisters Zenkimi as well.

That is, if you want to have super cool and awesome idols experiment with tour dates in countries that are yours and not Japan, the few dollars that it takes to join up is the kind of thing that will show Codomomental / other idol managers that heading abroad can be worth their while.

13 thoughts on “Check In: Yukueshirezutsurezure’s Canadian Tour

  1. I’ll be at the Toronto show on the 20th, and I think a gift is a great idea. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • When Maison Book Girl was here someone bought them a Canadian flag and had fans at the show sign it which was kinda cool. Maybe we could do something similar for YSTZ.

      I’ll be at both Toronto shows anyway and I’ll see if I can find ultramarine glow sticks around town too.

  2. I think the ongoing cache madness is preventing me from logging into the forums. I’m going to the Vancouver one. I was meaning to coordinate on the Discord channel, but I’m still in the process of gaining access to that. Exasperated emoji.

      • When did you do that? Because I noticed weirdness last night (and somebody else’s email pre-filled in the comments box yesterday afternoon).
        In fact, it just took a couple of refreshes to get my/your replies showing up on this page even after I got an email notification about it…

        • Huh. I did it a couple of days ago, and I did notice that some of the normal caching didn’t happen at all; considered it a short-term acceptable tradeoff. Guess it’s back to the drawing board!

          • I’ve been noticing oddness this morning, too. We can chat this evening – I’ll make more of an effort to infiltrate the Discord channel instead of continuously joking about how I still haven’t been invited!

    • Ditto. I will see you there!

      I decided to take the train from Toronto to Montreal. Could be fun…

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