Celebrate the End of This Election with DAIDAIDAI

All power to folks’ probably strong feelings about this particular election; it’s good that you care, at least. For me, today is the end of what has easily been the most frustrating, head-smacking, knuckle-popping year-plus in my life … and I used to do a lot of political work! Which is inherently all of those things and more!

In honor of this particular election cycle finally being about to end, I give you this live clip of DAIDAIDAI, snaked off of Instagram, the first look at what I hope is some nice, full video:

The secret is that it’s the name of the group, moreso than the song itself, which is nice and not at all a curse upon everyone for making the last however many months absolutely excruciating, that sums up the sentiment.

Are DAIDAIDAI’s tracks still available for preview? If they are and you haven’t had a chance to hear them yet, you should go listen to them.


DAIDAIDAI (and our wonderful new friends Dots) are going to be included in the latest compilation from TRASH-UP!! Records!

Don’t scoff at this; a lot of really great and cool idols get their start via TRASH-UP!!