Catching up with Jekyll x Hyde

Man, you guys remember Jekyll x Hyde? Or Jekyll and Hyde or & or however you want to style it. Management-san seems to like “x” these days, so that’s fine. But man, remember them? I wouldn’t be mad if you didn’t — I know that my last actual post about them was two full years ago, so unless you’re familiar thanks to some sporadic Weekender appearances, we certainly haven’t done much to bring them to your attention.

Now, I imagine that a few things have probably happened in, like, two years’ time, but frankly I got a bad back anymore, my days of diving deep into the Internet for random idol unit membership past info are in the past, so let’s just presume that membership=changed and maybe a fan or two can fill in the gaps. What clearly has not changed is that Jekyll x Hyde is one of the most reliably interestingly units in the game — musically, that is, and of course they are; they’re from Nagoya — and a recent spate of Papermaiden sort of re-discovering them for herself got me thinking that maybe it’s time for a refresher post.

So if you’re unfamiliar but you have a passing familiarity with foundational texts in English-language science fiction, you have probably sussed out that the group has some kind of tie to duality. And you’re right! They have a light side (Jekyll Mode) and dark side (Hyde Mode) and frankly they’re both just fine, so let’s survey some recent stuff.

This is Jekyll:

What fun sort of off-punk tradol stuff! If Jekyll Mode were all that exists for J&H (there we go), I’d be padding out a paragraph about how neat and cool idol is for finding ways to make punk rock, which is awesome, into acceptable backing music for bubblegum idols. This older digest is a great example of the form:

But as we know from past experience, it’s when this unit’s in Hyde Mode that things get truly interesting:

See? Absolute chaos. This one landed yesterday:

I won’t pretend to know how or why or when the manji is supposed to have meaning in their name, so

So you might not be caught up, per se, but hopefully I have deepened your knowledge of J&H to some extent!