Catch Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s Final Live this Weekend

Yanakoto Sotto Mute will be holding their final one-man live this weekend before disbanding the current line-up.  The band-set is taking place this Sunday evening (Japan time) and will be livestreamed via Zaiko.

Stream and weep.

The producers of the group have stated their intention to reboot the unit with a new line-up in the Fall, but this will almost certainly be our last chance to see the talents of founding members Nadeshiko and Ichika who have both expressed their intention to retire from idol. Newest member Ayaka has said she wishes to continue performing, so we hope to see her again in another setting. Mani Mamiya wishes to continue on as a soloist, so we will look forward to seeing her efforts in the future.

Mani has also landed a modeling gig, so her post-Yanamute career is already off to a good start.

This is going to be a rough disbandment for many for us. For years now, Yanakoto Sotto Mute has set the standard for excellence and artistry in independent idol. Nadeshiko’s signature voice and presence will be particularly missed as she has been instrumental in the creation of several works that have become classics of the genre.

Idol is tough sometimes. We have high hopes for the next generation of Yanamute and the future of the unit, but this original system will be sorely missed (and, potentially, irreplaceable).