Cat Idols. WTF. Perfect.

You guys. We’ve seen cat girls before, but have we seen actual cat girls? Like, idols who just flat-out say, hi, we’re cats?

Maybe! But this is the best:

Say hi to the Entertainment Cats, Neko Kageki (Twitter). As you may have guessed, they are cats, and they’re perfect for the Tuesday WTF.

I am here obliged to mention the music, which in this case is perfectly acceptable idorock. I’d have had no notion as to the group’s existence but for their massive video dump yesterday, which Pure Idol Heart was practically giddy to share.

It should not surprise you that the bulk of their music is fine by idol standards but not necessarily something that I’d be excited about, but I do enjoy this rather loud number:

Also, you may have noticed, they are cats. They are cat idols. They have cat attire and have cat sound effects and are cats. Entertaining cats.

Happy Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Cat Idols. WTF. Perfect.

  1. I already got your next Monday Match contestants: Neko Kageki vs. Cats (the musical cast).

    Make it a Triple Threat and add the ThunderCats. 🙂

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