CARRY LOOSE, Carried Off

We’re Crying Loudly over here because those indie emo kids from WACK have finally fulfilled their promise to disband on Halloween, but not before leaving us with a final single and music video. Let’s color ourselves with COLORS.

If you were expecting a teary Orchestra-like jrock ballad then sorry to disappoint – their goodbye song is an upbeat, almost cheery departure. The kind of song that makes you want to hold your head high and smile through the tears while the anxious feeling descends in your throat… Was that too intense? Well it’s a bittersweet time so let’s bask in bittersweet emotions, ey?

The video contains a look through the semi recent past – shots from CL’s livestream project “CARRY of MAJOR”, where the girls all lived in an apartment together with the intention of only stopping when they were signed to a major label. Which um, well you can guess how that ended. There’s laughter and tears all around, wholesome moments juxtaposed with silly moments.
They were all physically and emotionally close together, with that closeness reflected in the lyrics. From CARRY LOOSE to their deliverymen (the name for their fanbase) and from deliverymen to CARRY LOOSE, the final chorus lines of “you… the future… until i can make you smile again” will carry a message to keep going forwards until idol and fan can meet once again.

We do love cinematic ending.

CARRY LOOSE’s final single will be released on all streaming platform at midnight, including a b-side with lyrics from Uruu Ru.


…So what now? We still don’t know who’s going to stay in WACK and there isn’t anything to base any assumptions off of. We’ll just have to loosely carry on carrying on until something.

Are you ready? Don’t miss it! Because I don’t know what will happen!