Cannonball BiSH Has Consequences

Via Twitter this morning:

For those who don’t read Japanese (including this guy!), BiSH is holding an event (detailed more here, also still in Japanese) in which the members and staff will split up into teams of three and go on what looks like a combination distance race / scavenger hunt / survival run for 14 hours. There are neat stipulations about what they can and can’t do with their provided stipends.

I do believe that the tweet above encourages fans to look for the teams while they’re trekking and possibly try to nab photos, even chekis. Points will be awarded based on distance traveled (I think–Google translator isn’t my best friend) and how well the teams were able to power through by either using their wits (that is, not spending money) or conserving resources (that is, not spending money). The winning team gets a nice chunk of cash and a prize from avex.

The losers get thrown off a bridge.

For point of reference, this is a call back to the kinds of sometimes silly, sometimes dangerous stunts pulled by BiS during their heyday; BiSH has already done a cheki scavenger hunt around Tokyo, which is cool, and agency mates POP of course had Saki’s long-ass run.

This is why idols are cool.

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