Candye Syrup’s First EP Is on the Way; This Is What It’ll Sound Like

This is a slightly older piece, but you’ll all have to forgive me for being glad for a few dull days in the idolverse. Nonetheless, because I sense that more than a few of you have likewise been paying about as little attention to idol as I have for the past week, you might just be getting caught up, in which case it’s worth suddenly finding out about Candye Syrup and their upcoming first EP:

I mentioned “sound like,” so:

I think; for all I know, and because idol, this song will never again see the light of day

This is incidentally what I meant before about Candye Syrup being kind of up-and-down — they really do the idol thing in their idol, and then they add in breakdowns and other excitingly loud elements. It’s just … I don’t know. I feel like I’m missing something. Almost everything other than “IDOL OF DEATH” so far makes me wish that I could give Non a band to front.

Nonetheless! These are the growing pains that most groups go through, and Candye Syrup’s lifespan can still be measured in months. It’s not like the potential isn’t there (again, “IDOL OF DEATH”), but that composer-san needs to find a sweet spot, or manager-san needs to settle on a direction. I am, ultimately, rooting for them.