Can We Possibly Out-stunt Watanabe?

Bear with me, folks, because this might be the most half-cocked idea I’ve ever had. And I have a lot of half-cocked ideas!

But the kerfuffle over the BiS marathon business got me thinking; regardless of how you feel about the veracity of the thing, it’s a pretty crappy situation for the members even if it is just a work. And, in the spirit of #NewIdolArmy, what can we do to show the members that we’re with them?

Why, we can do it by running 100km ourselves!

If you’ve been privy to the loose discussion on Twitter, you know the gist; if not, it’s pretty simple: A certain number of us pledges to run X distance, to cumulatively be part of the BiSathon with them.


  • Are you in?
  • If so, comment or tweet at @homicidols or comment on the Facebook post
  • The intent is to get at least 20 of us to participate (internationally!), so nobody has to run more than 5k
  • We’d do it on Sunday, the same day as BiS, “Sunday” being those hours in the day for you, wherever you are in the world
  • When you do your run, tweet at the members! I’m suggesting #BiS100 for a hashtag, but am open to suggestions. Snap a selfie along with it.
  • If you still have IDOL stuff, use it for your photo!
  • I don’t want this to be an ableist thing, either: If you can travel a distance, you can and should definitely take part

Nothing’s set in stone yet — my personal running is light lately on account of some injuries, and there’s no way I’m trying to do more than about 5km right now anyway –but I thought it might be something cool to do together. Maybe we don’t do it, and that’s fine; we can find another way to send some solidarity to the idols on the run.

13 thoughts on “Can We Possibly Out-stunt Watanabe?

  1. Depends on how I’m feeling bc my health hasn’t been great so far, but running from my house to the castle that’s in town (the same place I took my #NewIdolArmy pic) is about 4-5km I think? We’ll see tho.

  2. That’s a great idea. Maybe I’ll go out and fight the shit weather (I wish I could stream myself because the streets are icy as fuck and that’s bound to be entertaining).

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