Calling the Devil ANTHEM Fans

I do not say this disparagingly, but when the big guns are quiet, it gives you time to finally start to pursue names you see around or videos you may have caught but once.

In this case, Devil ANTHEM.

Before you check this out: If you aren’t familiar with them, would you say that a name like “Devil ANTHEM” might be a cool death metal outfit of society-rejecting senior idols with a very dark presentation, or a high-energy junior unit that rocks a little less than Party Rockets GT?

See for yourself:

Via the Death Pop YouTube channel (always a good source for stuff).

They’re relatively new, but have pro-level management and clearly are able to sell performances at bigger venues. What’s their story?

6 thoughts on “Calling the Devil ANTHEM Fans

  1. I listen to them for a while now. Their songs a really fun and they are very energetic on stage. The video you linked is a new song, not released yet.

    Here’s a live performance of their debut single incl. circle-pit (lol):

    I think they are already pretty good, despite their young age, especially the two front-girls.

  2. With the recent loss of CnC (much sad here), I definitely appreciate this find: it fills the more electronica-inclined side of my soul. And man, for how young they appear, those girls have some dance skillz. Def a group to keep an eye on.

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