Byenana Monkeys

In news that’ll make you cry either tears of sorrow or tears of joy depending on which side you’re on, yesterday we bid farewell to one of the most interesting  idol projects of recent years.

As you may recall, yesterday was also the graduation date of last original member and viral legend, Tenka no Chanyuki, and yes, that went on as normal.

When Tenka first announced her graduation, I admit, I had concerns whether THE BANANA MONKEYS could last much longer without her. But what I wasn’t expecting, was for her to take the entire Banamon ship down with her on her final day! In happier days, she said that she wanted to be with Banamon until their disbandment, so at least she got her wish in the end.

Maybe this abrupt of an indefinite hiatus is anticlimactic for a group that has brought so many laughs, controversy and entertainment over the last four and a half years. Maybe a sudden implosion like this was the only fitting way for them to bow out.  But what can be certain is, for better or worse, THE BANANA MONKEYS made an impact. For what their antics were worth, that they were able to get even non-fans talking about them was an achievement. They made the news. They had articles written about them by online magazines that weren’t even idol-specific. They got ripped off by Belle Delphine. THE BANANA MONKEYS may be gone for now, but they sure as hell won’t be forgotten any time soon. And the idol world will be a lot more boring without them.

UPDATE: Since writing this article, the remaining monkeys have uploaded a video detailing their future plans. From what I’ve gathered, they will form a new group sometime in the near future. (Correct me if this is wrong). Will this rebooted Banamon be just as chaotic as their primate predecessors? Who knows, but maybe this will soften the blow that their current loss may bring. For now, we’ll have to wait to see what this new group will be.