By the Way, There Was Another Candye Syrup Track

In case you missed it, though you may not have, Luis was Luis on the Spot in adding a second track from hair salon yume-kawaii idols Candye Syrup in the Idolmetal group the other day. It’s … it’s quite a composition!

Just wait til the “Oh, there’s Non!” moment

Building off of their first MV release the other day, too, you get the feeling that there’s going to be a really strong element of the random in Candye Syrup’s music. Good! Maybe they can complete the thought that Bokura no Oyugi initiated and actually make something happen with all of that genre-smashing-together; maybe this will be more like what we thought we were going to get with ICE CREAM SUICIDE (RIP).

It’s easy to make fun (I do often!), but one of these cafe-type groups is going to work one of these days. I’m not taking about the Alice Project and PARMS or (bite my tongue) Negicco and onions, either, but these we-kind-of-promote-the-thing-but-are-also-our-own-thing projects. Yeah, fittingly, maybe DEEP GIRL and Showroom.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see where this goes. The people involved are clearly having fun with it.