Burst Girl Announce Plans to Kick Your Ass: New Members and Album Are on the Way

Everyone’s favorite throwback punk unit closed out their crowdfunded nationwide tour in Shibuya on Sunday night at the ironically and appropriately named live house, Chelsea Hotel (ofc. the Chelsea Hotel in New York City is where Nancy Spungen died of a knife wound in the room she shared with Sid Vicious). At the close of the show, Burst Girl dropped a couple of serious announcements.

Serious Announcement 1:

Burst Girl are looking for some new burst girls and boys. Seriously, they specifically mention that there is no gender requirement.  Desired qualifications do include being 16 to 26 years old, eating rice everyday, possessing the ability to add and subtract and desiring to sweat a lot.  Auditions are open until May 6th.

Serious Announcement 2:

The nation-wide, in-store release of “Riot”, a seven-track mini album consisting of three existing and four new songs. This announcement followed news from earlier in the day that Burst Girl’s first single, “Nancy”, was sold out in stores across Japan and only a few copies were left for sale at last night’s show.

“Riot” is scheduled for release on June 19th.

In other Burst Girl-related news, Rei-chan’s side project, Knuckle Chiwawa, looks like it’s gotten off to a great start.