Bully BULLY IDOL Bully

The title of this post in the spirit of the “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo” linguistic exercise. All lo; points to any who can identify the moral contradiction therein!

The fine* people at WACK bring you their staggering retort to BILLIE IDLE’s playful spin of a variety show appearance via MV:

I really wanted this to be shade, and not just because I wanted to do another “Shade or Not Shade?” post. The idea of there being beef — real, loud, public beef — between WACK and a bunch of ex-WACK idols operating in close proximity but ultimately asymptotically to is simply delicious. Alas, it appears that whatever likely complicated feelings held by one Pour Lui toward one Watanabe Junnosuke, and any of the same held by First Summer Uika or Hirano Nozomi by history or either of the Momoses by association, those feelings are likely mere complications when the chance to leverage existing relationships for potential financial gain are involved.


*Here defining “fine” very liberally

2 thoughts on “Bully BULLY IDOL Bully

  1. Does anyone know the backstory between the Pour Lui and WACK feud?

    I know she used to be in the original BIS which was part of WACK.

    The original version of this song by Billie Idle is far superior.

    • It might not be such a feud as Lui and Watanabe poking fun at each other. Lui founded BiS in part to make trouble for Watanabe. Then there was the whole BiS revival, the DiET or DiE publicity stunt, the song they did together after that, Lui graduating BiS and going to Billie Idle. Lui then made a parody of your typical BiSH song with a comedy duo. Now this.

      Uika and Non-chan haven’t commented on having a problem with Watanabe at least publically that I know of.

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