Buckle up and Have Your First Listen to NATASHA

It turns out that our homicidol super group is pretty friggin’ super after all. Warning: Heads may be banged.

There’s a ton to love here in, uh, “Natasha.”

  • The composer for this one must have been sipping some of FED Leda’s tea.
  • I don’t know all of the group’s members well enough to know who was who at all times, but the little bits recalling their past work? That was great. Chitti cranking out the “MonSTEEEEEEEERS!” was worth the price of admission.
  • Maina was born to do this. She’s great in SSFW and should probably be working with Quincy Jones to realize her full potential, but soaring power metal epics are right in her wheelhouse, too. “Pipes” isn’t an adequate description of the girl’s voice.
  • It’ll be a damn shame when this project goes to the grave.

This is only available until Japanese midnight (23:59) on Sunday, or through the full run of JAMxNatalie EXPO, so back it up while you can!

17 thoughts on “Buckle up and Have Your First Listen to NATASHA

  1. I was telling people that MAINA is going to outshine everybody vocally. She very well may be the best vocalist in the idol world right now. And I’m a big Aina The End fan.

    • I think the only thing I’m missing from Maina is what she’s doing when she’s not dialed up to the 8-11 range. But there isn’t anybody in idol who can out-power that girl. And she’s like 19! Give her a little more time to develop, and watch the hell out.

      • Exactly. Plus she also been doing dance and hip hop dance for a long time as well. The girl is a straight up tank. And give some of Osaka Syunkasyuto’s music a chance. I know some of it can seem a bit too poppy. LOL. But there are a few gems in there. “SHINE”, the brass crazy “Baby Crazy”, and “Let you fly” for example.

        • I’m sorry, did I somehow give the impression that I’m anything less than an avid devotee of the Osaka Four Seasons? 🙂 “Baby Crazy” in particular gets me every time — they made their bones doing big ol’ rock songs, then smashed us in the face with Motown.

          However, if Viz is speaking to the crowd, trust your friendly neighborhood Maniac on this one and listen to the man. SSFW is delicious.

          • Oops I misinterpreted. Yeah “Baby Crazy” is….crazy. MAINA is like the idol world Tina Turner or Whitney Houston in that one. Whew!

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  3. The first track sounds like the opening theme to an anime with a bunch of steampunk things happening. And I mean that as high praise 😛

    Gonna have to find out who these other 4 girls are because they can really belt it out. See you tomorrow, all-encompassing youtube/wiki vortex.

  4. Could you put a backup of this somewhere? I don’t have any way to make my own at the time and I don’t want to lose this song.

  5. I am going to be honest… I think i kind of hate this song? A lot? Sorry for being a wet rag.

    It starts kind of promising with a pretty good intro and a guitar riff that instantly reminded me of Hammerfall.

    The double kick is a CONSTANT through LARGE parts of the track which just makes it boring. You can’t make ice cream all you eat!

    And it’s mixed super high and loud hoping to hide the boring ass guitar parts underneath(or rather, what i can hear of them sound boring…).

    And at 3:18 the song turns into painful idol rock, Hip-Hop that Rip Slyme from 2002 would roll their eyes at and then the vocal showoff section…

    I don’t mind them when used sparingly but this goes on for 30 FUCKING SECONDS STRAIGHT? EVEN THE WORST R&B OR K-POP BULLSHIT WOULDN’T DO THAT!

    Then we get a electronic buildup that has a decent guitar part… And it’s also one of the only times the guitar is clearly audible…

    Then we get the riff from DOLL$BOXXs Take My Chance(almost) before it starts building back into powermetal for the finish.

    Honestly i don’t hate the music itself, it’s not worth it, but this song has so many things that annoy me…

    It’s got that typical idol trope of hiding less-than-stellar songwriting arrangement by trying to achieve the illusion of complexity by switching genres.

    A close relative to that is that is the idol songwriting trope of being afraid to commit. JUST GO FOR IT! You want to make a powermetal song with Idol Rock, Rap/hiphop and electronic elements? Then really go for it!

    But please don’t make a song where those other elements are just thrown into the middle of the song seemingly without any care for the flow or the dynamics of the song.

    And if you want to show off the ladies voices then spread some parts around the song with space for some runs or whatever, don’t just dump it into one annoying pile of wailing.

    Woops, wrote too much…
    Sorry if i am being a dickhead downer…

    TL;DR: These ladies deserve better than this.

    PS. I am almost afraid to say this but there is also some real oversinging in parts… “Justice in the sky”? Come on.

    I kind of don’t want to press post on this comment because i feel like i would be an ass and a downer… Oh well. I hope i am able to contribute something by trying to explain my position and my thoughts, at least…

    • You don’t need to apologize! So you don’t like it. At least you have reasons and can say what they are. That puts you several football fields ahead of the (rare, but still) bozos who show up and pee on stuff.

      We all know that not everything is all that great! If you’re into music, you just kind of accept that. And maybe that thing that I think is really cool doesn’t work for somebody else, and vice versa; maybe the thing that’s butt by almost all measurable standards is somebody’s absolute favorite. All good. Let’s talk, even argue, about it. I just don’t want to have to hear how many knuckles deep a person is into their own rectum when they bag on something. Have a point and make it!

      So yeah, Mister Mister, you’re fine. I don’t even think there’s a need to try to rebut; the one thing I’ll say about the mish-mash is the weird tautology of actually trying to please everybody somewhere, whether it’s Cheeky Parade or predia or SSFW or whatever fans. It does have its jarring moments, but I think it’s actually trying to do that, like “look at how diverse we are!”. Which, fine, to each their own.

      • I don’t even dislike abrupt genreswitching if it’s done right, but in this case i felt like they just dumped a bunch in the middle of the song trying to make it more interesting.

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