Broken By the Scream Drop New MV and Album Release Date in Lead Up to U.S. Debut

Broken By the Scream will set foot on American soil for the first time in just under three weeks unleashing their kawaii-meets-deathcore stylings on a live crowd at Saboten Con in Phoenix, Arizona.  Because the one thing hype needs is more hype, BBTS also dropped a couple of  bombshells over the weekend:

  • The release date for their second full album, Noisy Night Fever;
  • And the MV for “Aihakimino”, the theme song for the upcoming PS4 game “Onechanbara Origin”.

The long-awaited Noisy Night Fever is set to be released on October 9th containing 12 tracks of Kagura’s screams, Io’s growls, the angelic vocals of Yae and Ayame, and once again featuring cover art by the incomparable Yokota Mizuki-mzk-.

You can pre-order it right now.

And for those who need to bone up on the BBTS catalog before Saboten Con, their first album, An Alien’s Portrait has recently been made available on both Apple Music and Spotify.

As a heads-up for those planning on attending the U.S. debut of Broken By the Scream at Saboten Con, our friends at Chaotic Harmony will have a very limited number of tickets available for a BBTS VIP event when their booth opens in the vendor hall.  Last year’s one-in-a-lifetime event was the unforgettable experience of watching Saturday morning cartoons with Candye Syrup and SENANAN, so I highly recommend making the effort to snag a ticket.