Broken By the Scream Breaks the States

Broken By the Scream made their debut performance on U.S. shores this past Friday night at Saboten Con in Phoenix and it was spectacular. Ayame, Yae, Io and Kagura brought a ton of energy to the Arizona desert and left it all onstage. The vocals were appropriately brutal and angelic in turn, the choreography crisp and emotional. Fans had flown in from across the U.S. and up from Mexico to give BBTS a proper welcome to the West. Altogether, it was a fabulously brutal evening.

There are pluses and minuses to seeing chika idols at Anime and Japanese pop culture conventions. The downside is that the idols are not typically the main event (at Saboten Con, a concert featuring a voice actress from Pokemon drew a larger, and far more sedate crowd). The big upside, however, is that there are far more opportunities to interface with the idols than you would get at a more traditional gig. In addition to the Friday night concert, there have been four buppan sessions, a Q&A panel and a VIP event spread out over the four day convention.

The Q&A session was enlightening where we learned, among other things:

  • Kagura auditioned for BBTS because she was bored and needed something to fill her free time.
  • If Yae got the chance to do cheki with any idol unit, she would go for Ayumikurikamaki.
  • Ayame’s current favorite band is Amaranthe
  • Io has always been interested in theater, so if she wasn’t in BBTS, she would probably be pursuing acting.

Chaotic Harmony is becoming known for the unique VIP events that accompany the artist appearances that they book. Last year, we got to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons with Candye Syrup and SENANAN. This year’s once-in-a-lifetime event was the opportunity for a handful of fans to play random field day games with Broken By the Scream. If you ever wanted to play bean bag toss tic-tac-toe with Kagura or race with an egg on a spoon against Ayame, you missed your chance. Not to brag, but I took home a trophy for ring toss.

On this last day of Saboten Con, Broken By the Scream is scheduled for a final autograph session and participation in the closing ceremonies. They are also set to sit down with Team Homicidols for an interview, so look for that to hit our front page soon. In the meantime, BBTS are enjoying our Arizona delicacies and hitting the pool.