Brighten Your Mood with NECRONOMIDOL Live

It’s chilly and rainy and dreary here in the national capital region, folks, and it’s Inauguration Day, so an area that knows gridlock all too well is completely off the rails. What better time for some NECRONOMIDOL?!

This video’s from their live on the 7th; it’s not the New Dark Age Dawns show, but it might still be the first time you’re seeing Himari and/or Rei live.

I love you, Necroma

Also, check out this shirt from their DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH show coming up in a couple of weeks:

Love that logo mashup between their own and (if I’m getting the invocation right; if not, I may be dragged to literal Christian hell) Metallica’s Gadsden-like serpent from the self-titled black album. Also love that it’s DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH, though I’m afraid to ask which faith.

6 thoughts on “Brighten Your Mood with NECRONOMIDOL Live

  1. This provides me a perfect opportunity to thank you for the Necroma care-package you sent me a couple of weeks back, I love it! You gained them at least one new fan! Thanks again! 🙂

  2. I haven’t been creeped out by Necroma since the Kholat Syakhl PV, but honestly, the haunting and beautiful Improved chorus on Psychopomp gave me a case of the shivers. Last year’s opt-outs were distressing, but watching this live is seeing NECRONOMIDOL’s greatest potential yet on stage, IMHO. There definitely seems to be greater chemistry (or Alchemy) in this lineup.

    And besides whatever blog-osphere cultural differences there seems to be, (spoiler alert) If you know all of Necroma’s songs, song three in this sort of explains the dramatic appearing “not going to be in the documentary” thing fairly well, aside from the “no interview” thing which was maybe just for Hotaru’s benefit, IDK.

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