Brace Yourself for Shiori’s Solo Debut

I’ve been excited for this ever since ex-FRUITPOCHETTE pocket idol fury engine Azuma Shiori announced it, and this tweet sent my hype meter way past 13:

Before we take another step, remember: This is crowdfunded!

Solo idoling* is a dangerous proposition; it’s just you doing it, and it’s really easy to screw up. But Shiori spent several months carrying FRUITPOCHETTE completely herself, and she’s one of the purest dang talents in the business. On that basis, it was probably fair to assume that she’d be, at worst, totally fine.

But this? This cranks. There are little bits in the composition that I’d do differently, but “PRISM” is overall a really good song, and Shiori sounds fantastic. It’s easy to see a career going all the way back to 2011/12 and think that she’s in the same idol age category of your Mashil/ros and First Summer Uikas (which is to say, ancient), but it’s not completely crazy to think that she could put together a really nice second career with this.*

You go on, Shiori. Keep slayin’ ’em dead.

*Hell, Papermaiden and I just learned yesterday that a solo idol who featured on this site not long ago is 31!