Bonnou Paradox Is Good for Indie Idol Wednesday

Good morning, friends! How’s your week going? Mine’s … I’ve had better. It’s good and fun, though, to have some music to listen to and idols to wonder what the hell they’re doing about.

And it’s Indie Idol Wednesday! Kind of my favorite theme of the week, to be honest; it’s not always easy to hit the sweet spot, but the effort’s worth it because the idols are doing their best, as they say. Take, for example, Bonnou Paradox!

This one’s actually a couple of days old, but my plate was full at the time, and some of you guys were kicking it around online, so I listened to it late, and here we are. Wednesday!

How would you categorize Bonpara, anyway? I always wind up thinking they’re more in the lines of good ol’ J-rock than a lot of the other heavy-ish idols (or idols who dabble), sort of in contradistinction to their name. I guess artistic choices don’t always have to meet expectations, you know?