Bless Your Rocking Heart, 2&

Okay, I’ve been complaining a lot. Imagine being the podcast guys! I can horse around in WordPress for 15 minutes and make a thing happen — they have to plan out a whole show and then do all the graphics and video and stuff, so lulls in idol season must be an extra level of hell, or at the very least annoying.

I’m done complaining for a minute because 2& dropped this wonderful gem on the world yesterday, and it’s all that I need right now:

Punk rock as hell? She made the entire thing herself with the camera on her cell phone; you tell me.

Actually, it’s extra DIY, now that Daichi’s potentially only involved with Saki as a writer anymore, not a manager or producer (though maybe he wrote this, I don’t know). And for what it’s worth, I think this may be the last time that I feature 2& quite this way, as Saki announced right after the Guso Drop thing happened that she wasn’t going to idol anymore, just keep doing her singer/songwriter thing. I can’t say whether that’s 100 percent true (lots of people are “not idol” and then do all the idol stuff anyway), but maybe it’s time to award Saki an Alumna Emeritus role similar to Tenten’s and call it a day.

So what a way to be somewhat sent off!

3 thoughts on “Bless Your Rocking Heart, 2&

  1. Btw, she released that song as a single a year and a half ago, but I guess it never had a music video before?

    Anyway, about the “not being an idol” thing, I thought she was said she was stopping doing chekis to become an even better idol. But then after Daichi quit, she announced she will carry on doing chekis now. As far as I understand it, her and Fumimi are independent now and not part of Am Records at all, although that bloke who normally runs their buppan is still involved. But Daichi may write songs for them in future anyway. As per usual, we need Krv to clear things up, lol.

      • Yea, she’s resumed idol mode post-Daichi, though a more self-sufficient one. Think her mum shot the video. She needs to hire an editor. Still not been to any lives since I got back. Living in the country is a right ballache.

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