BiS’s Latest New Track Is Nothing Special

Man, sometimes you make a bad pun, and then you make a bad pun that completely kills a lede, you know? Here’s the latest album teaser from Brand-new Idol Society 2:

That’s listen and free Ototoy download, friends. Just like the others.

So what did you think? Me, I think Kerrie and some others might be right — this comeback album is shaping up a lot like the original Brand-new Idol Society, and very deliberately. Like, the songs don’t so much sound the same as the collection is disparate, with styles feeling around in the dark for a safe place, but that safe place is a weird club.

It’s interesting. I had maybe the best initial reaction to “Not Special” and “Human after all,” and they’re very different, and everything released so far is different. It’s growing on me, to be honest … a lot like Brand-new Idol Society did.

All righty, BiS. You might just pull this off.

9 thoughts on “BiS’s Latest New Track Is Nothing Special

  1. BiS 2 (the album and the group, I guess) sounds really good so far. I could complain about the album’s cruel price tag, but it won’t be for sale here at all anyway. 😛

  2. The album so far has been sorta underwhelming for me so far (just as with BiS 1), I’m wondering if they’re toning it down on purpose so they can sneak their way back into avex undetected before they reveal their true form

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